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“Your actions made me to hate you. You never fail to tear my emotions yet everytime the shine in your eyes and your mellifluous talk to my heart makes me to love you more than hating you.”

This is just a random piece. Without feeling what love actually can do to you, I just tried what lovers feel. Hope you people will like this. Show your feelings. Highly awaiting for the review of this  ♥️



  1. The love/hate relationship – when a biological attraction vies with self-deprecation. ‘I am worse for loving this person, I dislike him (ergo: myself) for loving him. In other words, a physical need, a lust, if you like. The wrong kind of love. All love is not like that – the love that endures is a friendship that grows through mutual admiration. But, interesting, as a random exercise…

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    1. by far this was the best thing I hv ever read. I don’t hate those feelings bt it was just a random thought. Your explanation is just woow. Thanks for such lovely words and thanks for stopping here. Your words made my blog beautiful.

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