Hello, dear 18.

Being the winner of the sperm race held around 19 years back, the winner is enjoying the komorebi, somewhere lost in the lust of the world. After attaining the cumbersome adulthood I want to escape from the humdrum of my life, want to be like the novaturient nomads, precisely.
Cosmosgyral journey of mine and my existence is Orphic. This adult doesn’t want to be a rhetorician puking all the events of history. After attaining the age, may be I am legally capable of many things put forward by the Govt. but lacuna in me is making me hollow.
As day-by-day I will run in this 18th marathon new questions will strike me and knock me down from the race leaving me as a loser.
When a entered in the charm of teen, a lots of hurdles were put forward by life to check out and bring out the inside me. Sometimes I cope up and many times I failed. The failure pricked me slowly and the consequences were devastating. I lost myself somewhere, may in someone’s eyes. Being a teen it’s natural to develop the so-called “butterflies” in your stomach when u say him, but after being knocked down I had developed the resistance, strong to be precise.
This adulthood is just like a thunderstorm, predictable time unpredictable consequences and probably it’s tenure is unimaginable. Legally I am having lots of power but the inner me is still a child with lots of curiosity filled soul. I am having the power of choosing my people to wave the wizard on the country whose population is touching the skies, I am having the power to drove out in the highways capturing the beauty of the nature and the dazzling of stars, I am having the power to establish my own empire within me, I am having the power to choose my man who will always stay by me cementing all my lacuna with his love.
This 18 some how empowered me but the kid inside me doesn’t want to struck in the web of the world, full masquerade wearers and unveiling their identity will be another milestone.
This adult’s soul is in the depth of the universe; a pen and a piece of paper where thoughts flow like a small rill of crystal clear water, sweet and healthy. The answers to my questions may not be answered but the urge to find out will remain forever. This adulthood lead down many paths so that I could walk the way down and will give eternal calmness to my thirst.

In this 18th year of my life I take a vow that I won’t change the society rather some answers of my questions will eventually change the society. My curiosity about space and universe will persist and I will put down all the force of my thoughts to find out the answers of how, when, why, and where. My soul won’t die before the thoughts are not put down by me. Dear 18 thanks for making me legally active and waking up the inner me. I promise I won’t let you down.

Yours forever
18 years 1 day


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