Late Night Talks With Universe

Documents3Talks, endless late night talks with the dumb Universe.Asking to leave me n give me n my planet an identity.Seeking help to protect my planet.Begging to answer my questions.    Do you ever feel like that ????



  1. You used the word “UNIVERSE”🌍… What it means?? It means the UNI… there is do dualism… even though here everything seems to be dual like light-darkness, happy-sadness, birth-death but there is nothing like dual here…there is no existence of darkness these exist only light and its absence we call the darkness… Here the difference is quantitative, not qualitative… You feel separate from this universe because of being at lower consciousness which is called the unconscious state…

    You are not at all separate from this UNIVERSE, even it will be very wrong to say you and nothing else is there you yourself are the universe…

    Because of consciousness is at one place you can only feel urself separate individual from the whole existence…

    Don’t worry you do not need to search your planet… You yourself are the one only…

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    1. I love the way you interpreted my thoughts
      n honestly u made me feel so lucky that such a nice interpretation can also be made
      moreover for me UNIVERSE is something that always attracted to me like we get attracted to someone or something
      when u are lonely u try to get someone’s company n that what universe the sky the stars does to me
      yes there is dualism, dualism of emotions and expression
      Moreover I have never felt separated from this Universe cause this is the basis of my identity
      I am really eager to know about u
      hope u must be in other social site
      plz do tell me about me
      loved your thoughts

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      1. I spend my most of time on WordPress only, other social media I am not much available, have only account on FB, Insta… Here my blog is totally not for any name, fame or popularity, I do write spiritual posts, about life truth, real-life experiences about existence…

        By the way, the blog “Lifebeyondimagination” have two authors Myself Chouhan(Mr.) from India and Ms.Deb from Manaus, Brazil (Blog Model)…

        This blog is author’s love for readers which is totally without any reason and without any expectations.

        I am happy You Loved to visit and read. 🙂


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      2. That sounds good
        If u fell like to share your insta id
        I would be lucky to follow such people with deep thoughts
        n I thank u n your fellow mate too
        lotsaa love n wishes ahead

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      1. I see… Its okay, i have made Public Insta account for my blog.. here is Insta Id you can follow there too… IG: Lifebeyondimagination

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